A Torch for Teenage Girls

A film every girl should watch


Dr Sonal Desai runs a clinic for the girls. Here teenage girls, young women and mothers of the teenage girls can visit and get....

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Sahaj Health Education (SHE) initiative is designed to provide correct and scientific information to young girls on the brink of....

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Looking back in life one often feels had we got the right guidance at right time than things would have been....

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Imagine you walking alone on a road in middle of the night and the darkness limits your vision. In this situation how would you walk?

Fearsomely and slowly….!

And also if there is a stone or a pit on the road , then there are fare chances of you to fall down. In that situation if you have a torch to help you see the road

how will you walk?

Confidently and promptly..!

More importantly you will walk with the responsibility and make sure you do not fall. Today you are walking on a path of girlhood and tomorrow on the path to womanhood. On this path ignorance is the darkness and awareness and scientific knowledge is the ‘torch’. As I have often seen, lack of knowledge creates a lot of issues in a girl’s life and leaves an impact for the entire life.

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